Welcome to the 43rd Annual Elders & Traditional Peoples Gathering

November 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2018

Please note: Updates are ongoing...

Trent University
Hosted by:  First Peoples House of Learning & Chanie Wenjack School of Indigenous Studies

The Annual Elders & Traditional Peoples Gathering

This vision that started long ago continues.  The Gathering provides opportunities for Indigenous knowledge to be shared through a series of presentations and workshops.  This is an opportunity for students, faculty, staff & the community to listen and learn from the Elders & Traditional Knowledge Keepers...  We are so happy you are joining us.

Theme: Embodying Our Truth: Indigenous Leadership In Motion

Embodying Our Truth: Indigenous Leadership in Motion

The theme was chosen by our students who are really interested in truth telling and the importance of seeing that represented within the leadership.  

The fire at the center represents our true spirit which is necessary when stepping into leadership.  Leading by example.  

It is important to embrace our fire, feed our fire and allow it to shine so that the next seven generations can find their way.

It is about moving through the truth, seeing the truth, hearing the truth, working with the truth, living the truth, and walking the truth 

which becomes Embodying Our Truth.

Indigenous Leadership in Motion through Truth Telling...

Keynote Addresses





Individual Workshop Bios



Andrew Bullock

A lifelong bead artist.  His passion is creating unique works drawing on traditional techniques for over 40 years. This award winning craftsman was recently featured in "Reading Native Art" at MT Kearsarge Indian Museum.  As an Trent University Alumni, he has facilitated traditional teachings & beading workshops at Trent University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology & the Canadian Canoe Museum.  Andy has taught "Beadwork Through the Ages" at Haliburton School of Art & Design.  His professional experience includes founding, and being the past owner of, The Wandering bull, Inc., a supply house featuring top quality beadwork, craft supplies and reference materials.  Bullock is a Founding Trustee & member of the Collections committee with Mt Kearsarge Indian Museum, located in Warner NH.

Elder Edna Manitowabi

Edna is Odawa/Ojibway from Wikwemikong First Nation.  Edna is a gifted traditional singer, storyteller & Indigenous performance artist. As Professor Emeritus in the Indigenous Studies Facultyy, & as part of the Trent Traditional Council, she is called upon to lecture, & participate in workshops, conferences & symposiums within the undergraduate & graduate programs.  She is also known as a drum carrier & the keeper of the Little Boy Water Drum.  Over 25 years that Edna has committed to Trent University, many have traveled across Canada to participate in Edna's Medicine Camps.  These Medicine Camps are another place of learning where she takes the university back to the land reconnecting learning & teaching to our mother.  Most recently, in 2005, Edna's longstanding commitment to building Indigenous performing arts & the local communities was fully realized in the creation of Nozhem First Peoples Performance Space.  As an educator, lecturer, medicine keeper & ceremonialist, Edna continues this work today, carrying & sharing Indigenous Knowledge

Shirley Williams

Professor Emeritus at Trent University.  (Nishnaabe-kwe) is a member of the Bird Clan of the Ojibway & Odawa First Nations of Canada.  Her Aboriginal name is "Migizi ow-kwe" meaning "that Eagle Woman".  Shirley started her professional research work in the Native Studies Department in 1986 to develop & promote Native language courses.  Shirley's lexicon dictionary for the Nishnaabemowin Language is the foundational reference materials for the double-vowed language system adopted by Nishnaabemowin language teachers throughout the Nishnaabe territories.  An Elder at Sweetgrass First Nations Language programs; for the Ministry of Culture & Heritage; and Aboriginal Healing Foundation's First Nations Language programs; and for the Lost Women/ Sisters in Spirit campaign; she was given the title of Role Model by the Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson & has recently been invited to sit as the Elder for the Aboriginal Physicians of Canada.  She has been a member of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation's Peterborough activities since its inception.  Her primary enthusiasm is for keeping the language alive & strong & to this goal many of her colleagues have come together under her leadership to form what is now known as the Nishinaabemowin Teg Incorporation providing her with the venue to continue her research outside of the University.