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All Our Relations: Learning how to be in 'right' relationship

Raven Sinclair will be exploring how to be in 'right' relationship in all our relations...

Indigenous Language panel: The next 50 years...

Dr. Shirley Williams, Anne Taylor, Isadore Toulouse, and Elizabeth Osawamick will explore: 

The next 50 years:  2019 to 2069 - What Outcomes are we creating?

How will we ensure that the languages are secure for the next generations?  

What community based language activities are being undertaken and who is leading the work to restore Indigenous languages for the next Generations for all Nations

Living and Dying Mno Bemaadiziiwin: Renewing our Sacred Relations with Spirit

Join Barbara Wall as she explores:

Many Anishinaabe Peoples continually strive to live in a good way and according to our original instructions--this is mno bemaadiziiwin.  Living and dying mno bemaadiziiwin is an intellectual and spiritual challenge involving personal agency, and both coming to understand and to nurture our individual relationship with Spirit.  Barbara will share stories and her understanding of the multi-layered life and death teachings passed to her by Stewart King-ban of Wasauksing First Nation.  

"Did you have a good 4th of July?" and other questions we never wanted to answer: Reflections

Shaawano and Smoki will be sharing Reflections on a year in grief.  On July 4, 2018 Shaawano's wife and Smokii's mom, Carol Edelman Warrior, passed away suddenly.  From that moment to this one, Smokii and Shaawano have been learning to live in a world without her.  When faced with this year's theme of "renewing our sacred relations," they knew that they were being asked to share some of the teachings that grieving has brought them; from one of their Elders instructing that the family must "do everything that they did with her, without her," to where the best burger in North America is, Smokii and Shaawano continue to do the homework that Professor Warrior left us by sharing what she knew best:  how to love fiercely and without fail in the face of all that we must carry.

Teaching with IK

David Newhouse will explore how we interpret and use our traditional teachings for the contemporary classroom.  This workshop will focus on two first year Classes:  Foundations of Reconciliation which has an enrollment of 800 per term and Foundations of Indigenous Environment Studies which has an enrollment of 200 per term.

Medicine Circle Teachings

Dr. Michael D. Thrasher will be sharing Medicine Circle teachings.

Renewing Our Relationship with the Land

  Edna Manitowabi will be sharing about Renewing our Relationship with the Land  

Relationship with Spirit

Elder Doug Williams will explore and discuss the relationship we have with Spirit, in particular with our Creator, Protector and Clan.  This talk is informal and will not use any powerpoint or other electronic devices.

Helpers on the Medicine Wheel

Mary Anne will help participants understand their relationship to our helpers in Creation.  When we understand those beings through the Medicine Wheel, they help us mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally as we walk each day.  They are our original teachers and helpers.

Video Story Booth

In celebration of 50 years of Indigenous Studies at Trent University, four Indigenous Studies students are creating a Video Story booth to collect sotries and experiences from community members at the Elders & Traditional Peoples Gathering.  The stories will be used to create a documentary film under the supervision of Professor Joeann Argue.  All are welcome.  Whether its your first time here or if you've been to many gatherings before, we would love to hear from you.  Come by and share a story or an experience from your time at the Elders Gathering or as part of the Indigenous Studies Department.  

Traditional Teachings

 Two teachings will be provided at the Teepee in the Traditional area. 

 Billy Whetung will be sharing Fire Teachings 

Jack Hoggarth will be sharing a teaching on following natural law when it comes to harvesting from the land.