Remembering our Original Instructions: The Pathway to Empowerment and Leadership

Raven Sinclair's workshop will examine indigenous resilience in the face of state biopolitical mechanisms that have imposed trauma and distress upon multiple generations of Indigenous people.  The power of wellness strategies premised upon Indigenous laws and ethics is highlighted as a means to stepping into personal empowerment and leadership.

Circle Your Wagons: Indigenous on the Move

American Indian Movement veteran and #NODAPL water protector, Madonna Thunder Hawk discusses the past, present, and future of Indigenous activism on the frontlines of Turtle Island's most pressing issues.

Exploring Modeled Leadership through the Old Ones

Doug Williams will explore different models of leadership as viewed through the Elders, old people eyes.  Ogima - presumed to mean chief really is about being a true leader which is aniigahnzid.  

Storytelling: Shoolee

Shirley Williams will be sharing stories that have been written in a book, coming out soon.  You will be getting a sneak preview of this journey of a Anishinaabe-kwezens, who was named "Shoolee". She was named by her older-est brother who did not go to school and who did not speak english.  He only had Indigenous education home school by their parents.  Shirley will share stories from the book which is written in English and Ojibway.  She will share them in English so everyone will understand.

Indian Horse Experience

Edna Manitowabi will share her experience in the role of Naomi from the Indian Horse movie and the insights of this experience.

Learn by Doing, Beading with Andy

Andy will provide an opportunity to explore beading through a hands on  project, which is a "Flat Peyote Stitch Bracelet".  

The Qulliq (Seal Oil Lamp)

Rebecca Soucie will explore the importance of  the Qulliq to the Inuk and  their survival.  She will share the importance of connection to the land through this exploration.  She will also share songs.

Indigenous Leadership Using the Great Law & the Seven Grandfather Teachings

Two of the foundational documents for Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe ethical teachings are the Great Law and the Seven Grandfather teachings.  David Newhouse's workshop will explore the use of the Haudenosaunee Great Law and the Anishinaabe Seven Grandfather teachings for those in positions of leadership.

Revisioning the Métis Nation

Andy Dufrane's workshop will share the history of the Métis peoples throughout Canada and explore the revisioning of the Métis Nation of Ontario.

Traditional Teaching at the Tipi

Thomas Louttit will be providing a  traditional teaching at the Tipi.

Traditional Teaching at the Tipi

Alan Brant will be providing a traditional teaching at the Tipi